Forum Rules -- ** Please Read This ** --

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Forum Rules -- ** Please Read This ** --

Post by StrikerMan780 on Fri Jan 11, 2008 11:48 pm

Welcome to the Shadow Mavericks Clan Forum. The Rules are as follows:

  • Do not abuse, attack, insult, or "Flame" other forum-goers. This means DO NOT push other people's buttons, make fun of anyone, belittle anyone, and the like.

  • TROLLING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED IN *ANY* FORM. Doing so will end up in an instant, permanent ban. This is where I stand on this issue, and that is final. (This means purposely trying to stir up shit, getting people pissed off, and antagonizing others.)

  • Debating and discussion is fine, but rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks, going into a flame-war or purposeless posts will not be tolerated, at all. You have been warned.

  • No Stereotyping certain ethnic groups, races, interests, etc. You get the picture, and it will not be tolerated.

  • Be tolerant and Non-Judgmental of other's beliefs, interests, sexual orientation, etc. Hatefulness, and being judgmental will not be tolerated whatsoever.

  • I will not tolerate posting of Disgusting, or derogatory material and Images such as "Goatse" or anything of the like, doing so will result in an insta-ban, and will also result in the deleting of the post, plus putting you on the "Hall of Shame".

  • No Double posting, unless it's in your own project thread, and it has to do with an update.

  • No spamming, sure, there's a "Spam Land" forum to spam if you want, but I suggest that it's best not to spam at all, anywhere.

  • No one-worded or pointless posts, you know what this means. (Like posts with just a smiley, or saying nothing but things like "LOL")

  • Do not Attempt/Speak of hacking this forum or other forums, as that will end up landing you a Permanent Ban from here, and All sorts of other forumotion created forums. It'll also lead to a warning sent out to neighboring communities to keep a look out for you. Don't try it, it's not worth it. If the offense is serious enough, I'm prepared at all times to gather as much evidence I need to report you to your ISP, or to the appropriate authorities.


  • You are allowed to have Images in your sig, but MUST NOT Be over 500kb!
  • You must not have Huge images in your sig, Max Width 640 Pixels, max Height 200 Pixels.

Please, follow these rules, and this forum will be a better place.

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